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True, a common assumption is that the Bible and science do not mix.  And, furthermore, that “credible” scientists do not believe in the Bible.

Notice I said assumption

According to Ray Comfort‘s book Scientific Facts in the Bible, here are a few of the prominent scientists who believed the Bible during their lifetime (and there are many living today who do as well):

  • Lord Kelvin
  • Johann Kepler
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Francis Bacon
  • Samuel F. B. Morse
  • William Petty
  • William Derham
  • James Joule
  • Henri Fabre
  • Joseph Henry
  • Arthur H. Compton
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Joseph Lister
  • Blaise Pascal
  • Sir John Frederick Herschel
  • Albert Einstein
  • James Simpson
  • and many, many more…

Additionally, Comfort points out many other scientific facts that originate and/or coincide with the Bible.  Whether in the book of Genesis, the book of Job, or many other places in the supernaturally, Divinely inspired and written Word of God – there is evidence—there is proof.  Moreso every day and every year.

I challenge you to read God’s Word with an open mind and see what He divinely reveals to you through it.

You may be pleasantly, and even unpleasantly, surprised.

After all, if these prominent scientists and many more wise, respected, knowledgeable men and women believe in God and His Word—isn’t it worth giving it the benefit of the doubt?

If you do, I believe you will discover benefit that far outweighs your doubt.

What If all Christians aren’t deluded?

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Marx stated that religion is the opiate of the masses. The implication here being that it is OK for the non thinking working man but not for anyone with a working brain. Many people still see Christianity as a crutch for the weak and gullible. So how true is this view?

I heard some once say that the reason that he decided to look into Christianity in the first instance was that he decided that all these millions of Christians around the world couldn’t all be totally mad! What he found changed his life forever. It is easy to think that Christianity is OK for those that need it. For those that need an opiate or a crutch. Let’s also be honest that, discounting it’s truth or lack of it, Christianity does good for many many people. God in the lives of millions of people is seen by those people as a good and beneficial thing. However, surely all these millions don’t all need Christianity as a crutch? Would they all fall apart without it? Is it just for the week and the vulnerable? Are the followers of Christianity all mad or could it be that they have discovered a truth in what they believe?

It is easy to look at the history of Christianity and believe that it’s followers are deluded. If you look at the crusades it is hard to believe that theses followers of a, so called, religion of love could be anything but deluded. When we look at the wars that have been waged in the name of Christianity over the years, again, it is easy to conclude that these are mad people who have just gotten it all wrong. And so it may be. I believe there is little of no justification for these acts. However, I do believe that there is an explanation. People’s beliefs, when held strongly cause passion to rise and reason to fall. It is why people blow themselves and others up in the name of their beliefs. It is why wars have been fought for years in the name of religion. Not only do they have a passion they have a justification and a, so called, calling. They have people behind them and a perceived enemy and threat to their belief in front of them. As far as Christianity is concerned I believe it is not a religion but a relationship. A relationship formed in love. If you take the love aspect away from Christianity you get religion. Here we find the problem with the crusades. They had the passion without the love to restrain and guide it. The same is true of wars in which Christians have been involved. They have the passion to fight the good fight but not the love to show them who the real enemy is. The Bible clearly teaches us that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities of this world. So it is easy to look at history and conclude that Christians have got it very wrong, that they are in some ways deluded or mad. However, can what they believe in be discounted because of their actions? Is God less real because of what people believe about him. The answer has to be no! God does not exist because I believe in him nor does he not exist because others disbelieve his existence. If I chose to believe the sun is made of chocolate and therefore wear no sun tan lotion because of my belief doesn’t mean the sun isn’t made of gases and also doesn’t mean I WON’T get burnt.

So God can’t be judged by those that follow him. Becoming a Christian doesn’t make you perfect, far from it. Becoming a Christian gives you forgiveness, mercy and grace but definitely not perfection. It gives you a reason to seek after doing good and getting things right but Christians are still very human. There is no mistaking that Christians over the centuries have made huge mistakes. There is no mistaking that some Christians are on the crazier side of sane. There is also no mistake that Christians, myself included, continue to make mistakes and are far from perfect. However, have we all really got it so wrong. Are we all really that deluded. Or is it possible that there is something that is worth looking into? Is there possibly something that can begin to make sense of the life that we’ve been given? Don’t get me wrong belief in God won’t give you all the answers, in fact in the short term it could raise more than it answers. However, Christianity will provide you with a firm foundation on which to build. The Bible describes Jesus as being our Rock on which to build our lives.

So what about today? Is it just the weak and the dumb that believe? In a world where science is touted as king are there intelligent people out there that have weighed up the evidence and have faith that the God of the Bible exists? Well the simple answer is a resounding YES!! There are millions of educated, intelligent, perfectly sane people that put their trust in God. Not a blind faith but a faith born out of research, thought and a weighing up of the evidence. So are all Christians deluded? Perhaps it may be worth finding out!


What if… life seems unfair, chaotic & even evil?

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The waves of death swirled about me;
the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me. – 2 Samuel 22:5

As for God, his way is perfect:
The LORD’s word is flawless;
he shields all who take refuge in him. – 2 Samuel 22:31

Lift up your eyes to the heavens,
look at the earth beneath;
the heavens will vanish like smoke,
the earth will wear out like a garment
and its inhabitants die like flies.
But my salvation will last forever,
my righteousness will never fail. – Isaiah 51:6

I, even I, am he who comforts you. – Isaiah 51:12

Weep with those who weep. – Romans 3:15

Recently we have all been touched by catastrophe of major proportions, whether we are directly affected or witnessing from a distance.  Additionally many events occur in our own daily lives that could equal to the pain and hurt and chaos and confusion that is ushered in on the waves of a tsunami.

Are these difficult, unexpected, devastating times and events proof against God—especially a God who is ultimately loving and good?

I challenge you to go to God with those thoughts and questions and ask Him to show you who He is in the midst of all of this.  Even if you do not believe that He exists, I ask you to consider some things I am about to point you to in light of the recent tragedy as well as the ones that occur on a daily basis whether or not we are aware.

I will not attempt to do here what some others have already done so well.  Instead, I will point you to some valuable, sound words referencing both the most recent catastrophe as well as ones from past times.

Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason posted this on March 15, 2011:  The Problem of Evil is Everyone’s Problem

John Piper of Desiring God posted this on October 17, 2008:  10 Reasons to Ponder Job’s Story

John Piper also posted this on August 18, 1999:  Whence and Why the Earthquake in Turkey?

And finally I lead you to John Piper’s post on March 12, 2011:  A Prayer for Japan

I pray that you and I will join John in his heartfelt prayer for Japan and for our world.

“You rebels”

“You stubborn-hearted”

“You who are now far from my righteousness”

“For I knew how stubborn you were;
your neck muscles were iron,
your forehead was bronze.”

“Well do I know how treacherous you are;
you were called a rebel from birth”

(Excerpts from Isaiah 46-48)

Five and a half years old…ugh!

I love my son dearly, but he has suddenly and unexpectedly hit this age and season where he is wearing my husband and me out.

Strong-willed, stubborn-hearted, rebellious.

Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t acting out in violence or anything…just testing his boundaries, I suppose.

Moreso, he is testing my strength and resolve.

Thankfully, I have a God who knows and understands how it is to have a child who is a bit testy – in His case, He has many testy children.

Additionally, my God imparts His strength and resolve and even His peace to me as I look to Him to be my Guide and Example through these difficult times.

I imagine my son doubts our motives for disciplining him at times, and even thinks my husband and I are mean when we do.

God knew the Israelites as well as all of us would do the same with Him—even doubting to the point of doubting His very existence.  Because He knew we would question Him and His power and His very nature, He planned and worked ahead in order to give us undeniable proof when those days of doubting come.  See for yourself, in His own words:

I foretold the former things long ago,
my mouth announced them and I made them known;
then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.
For I knew how stubborn you were;
your neck muscles were iron,
your forehead was bronze.
Therefore I told you these things long ago;
before they happened I announced them to you
so that you could not say,
‘My images brought them about;
my wooden image and metal god ordained them.’
You have heard these things; look at them all.
Will you not admit them?

– Isaiah 48:3-6

I have tried to tell my son things in advance so that he will be prepared when certain days come, but I in no way can begin to actually foretell as our God has done for us.  Wow!

And how else does our Father God, the Lord Almighty handle His stubborn, rebellious children?

“Listen to me, you descendants of Jacob,
all the remnant of the people of Israel,
you whom I have upheld since your birth,
and have carried since you were born.
Even to your old age and gray hairs
I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

– Isaiah 46:3-4

What I have said, that I will bring about;
what I have planned, that I will do.
Listen to me, you stubborn-hearted,
you who are now far from my righteousness.
I am bringing my righteousness near,
it is not far away;
and my salvation will not be delayed.
I will grant salvation to Zion,
my splendor to Israel.

– Isaiah 46:11-13

“From now on I will tell you of new things,
of hidden things unknown to you.
They are created now, and not long ago;
you have not heard of them before today.

– Isaiah 48:6-7

For my own name’s sake I delay my wrath;
for the sake of my praise I hold it back from you,
so as not to destroy you completely.
See, I have refined you, though not as silver;
I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.
For my own sake, for my own sake, I do this.
How can I let myself be defamed?
I will not yield my glory to another.

– Isaiah 48:9-11

This is what the LORD says—
your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:
“I am the LORD your God,
who teaches you what is best for you,
who directs you in the way you should go.
If only you had paid attention to my commands,
your peace would have been like a river,
your well-being like the waves of the sea.
Your descendants would have been like the sand,
your children like its numberless grains;
their name would never be blotted out
nor destroyed from before me.”

– Isaiah 48:17-19

Our Father redeems, rescues, loves, directs, and upholds his rebellious, doubting, self-centered children…always!

I pray I can be even the slightest reflection of Him as a parent to my precious son.

Moreso, I am ever more thankful for how my Father accepts me, even when I act like a five and a half year old.