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  1. Dear Nathan,

    during the last days there where some really encouraging thoughts in my box, like “God sees through all the junk in our lives, through …”

    I would like to translate these – of course with a direct link to your blog – and ask for your permission.

    It will be a separate page, only with quotes from you, added to

    The two I have in mind right now is the one above and “Today, whatever happens, I chose to …”

    Thanks for a soon reply to, best regards and blessings


  2. Loyd Duke says:

    Dear Nathan,

    I believe in God, I trust God, I love God. Recently, the Good Lord blessed me with Salvation and I am trying to build a comfortable relationship with Him. But I am troubled because I feel like I am not doing my part in the relationship. What is troubling me is my not knowing how to pray…the words do not come to me easily, and most of the time, I just can’t get a coherent prayer out of my mouth. And at times I just pause and can’t think of what to say. I don’t want God who is listening to my confusing prayers to have any questions about my love for Him.

    Do you have any suggestions that may help me?…I want to feel closer to God and to do my part in building this wonderful relationship. I don’t want to feel like I am failing God and myself.

    Thank you and may God bless you.


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Lloyd

      Sorry for the delay in replying.

      Prayer is something that I find most people struggle with, I certainly do.

      The good news is that we don;t need to find the right words to say as God knows what we want before we even ask Him. He knows what are muddled words, our cries of frustration, our failed attempts mean. However, I can understand your concern.

      What I have found useful in the past and what I know a lot of people find useful is the use of written prayers. I write a new blog now which can be found at or on Facebook at This is not just written prayers but you’ll find lots of prayers within my thoughts that you may well find useful.

      I’m also writing 2 books on prayer. One is a book of prayers and the other a book on a method of prayer. One will definitely published this year as an e-book and when that happens you’ll find details on my blog and on Facebook.

      I hope that’s helpful but please do come back to me if I can be of further help.


  3. Loyd Duke says:

    Thank you, Nathan. God bless you.

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