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What Next? – Finding a good church.

Posted: February 1, 2012 by Nathan in What Next...
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One of the best ways to continue exploring the Christian faith is to find a good church to plug into. A good church will, in as many ways as possible, help you to find the answers that you continue to search for.  Each church is different but any church worth going to will bend over backwards to help you in a search for God.  Many churches put of courses such as ALPHA or Christianity Explored which are specifically designed to help people who are exploring the various issues of faith. These courses are relaxed, informal settings where you can come with no faith, a shaky faith or even a strong faith and ask those questions that you have been wrestling with. Have a look on a church’s web-site and I’m sure you’ll find details of any such course they are running or if you live in the UK visit the websites above and search for courses running now.


So what is a good church?  Churches come in all shapes and sizes and vary enormously in terms of style, format, age range and feel.  What will suit one person will be a complete put off for another. So finding a good church is more than just finding a church with a good theology!  In many ways it can be a question of trial and error but we can rule a few things out first.  What would you be looking for in a church?  Churches in many respects fit the character of those that attend. Some people like to meet in small groups whilst others prefer larger gatherings.  Would you prefer to express thanks to God using modern songs or traditional hymns? Do you want to meet with just people your own age or a real mixture? There are enough churches out that to suit most people’s character.  The best way to find out what churches are like is to visit a web-site like where you can see the churches in your area, visit their web-sites and even e-mail the vicar any questions you may have.


The beliefs of a good church. Below is a very short list that would form the basis of belief of all good churches.

  1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God.
  2. There is only one God.
  3. The doctrine of the Trinity that there is one God in three, eternal, and distinct persons.
  4. That Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary.
  5. The Deity of Christ, that Jesus Christ is both divine and human.
  6. That Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead.
  7. That salvation is by grace through faith alone.


If a church is based on the above beliefs then you can, at the very least, know that they start from a good foundation.  However, ask around – is the church a bit controversial or known for holding conflicting beliefs.

Other than that the main thing would be personal taste. Do you feel welcome? Do you connect with people there? Are there activities, courses etc. that are of interest to you?


I would encourage everyone to get linked into a good church and receive the support that a church can give.  Please do comment below if I can help in any way.