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Terrorists, in a not too subtle way, campaign for change. They blow things and people up, they hijack planes, people and events and nowadays they even blow themselves up in the name of their cause and in the name of change. They try and change peace to fear, safety to insecurity, good to evil and order to chaos. They normally have a cause that they believe they are fighting for, though sometimes their reasoning and aims aren’t made entirely clear.

There are another set of hijackers whose aims are entirely clear and they don’t try to hide them. Their aim is PROFIT! They’ll take any occasion, event or tradition, hijack it and try and make a profit on it. These are the people that tell you that Halloween is about dressing up, sweets and over-priced pumpkins. They convince you that Christmas is about presents, trees, decorations, food, crackers, more presents and expensive lights. When Boxing day comes around they change tack and now they are selling us the Easter idea of Bunnies, Eggs and Baby Chicks. These people sell us the idea and then very kindly and unselfishly sell us the goods – all in the name of making a profit.

I’m guessing that there is not too much profit to be made in a man being, mocked, whipped and crucified. I suppose a man bleeding and dying in absolute agony isn’t that commercial an image to put forward. Better to cover that image in chocolate or better still to cover it up completely and replace it with something more immediately profitable.

So what, in a nutshell, is Easter really all about?

I love to be creative. I’m not particularly good at it but there is something within me that loves to create. As we look around us it’s pretty obvious that I’m not the only one. Our world is full of creative people. Be they scientists, artists, writers, builders, architects, poets, gardeners, doctors and the list is almost endless. People love to create. Whether it is fine art masterpieces, world-class novels, mighty ships, order out of chaos or a quickly scribbled drawing (to name it loosely) to stick to the fridge. Most people create. However, in creating, for that creation to be any good we have to “give it wings”! My photos are no good if no-one sees them. The vegetables that I grow are only of use when people eat them. The bowls are turn, carve and polish only come into their own when people use them or admire them. We have to let go of our creations in order for them to have true value. And this can be where the problems start.

I’m sure Fritz Haber the Nobel award winning Jewish scientist never imagined that when he created his insecticide that the Germans would use it to kill over 1.2 million of his fellow Jews. Thomas Midgley discovered the CFC Freon as a safe refrigerant to replace the highly toxic refrigerants such as ammonia in common use. This resulted in extensive damage to the Ozone Layer. His other famous idea was to add tetraethyl lead to gasoline to prevent “knocking” thus causing worldwide health issues and deaths from lead poisoning. He is considered to be the man that – “had more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth’s history.” Little did he know what his creations would cause. Sir Marcus Oliphant was the first to discover heavy hydrogen nuclei could be made to react with each other . This fusion reaction is the basis of a hydrogen bomb. He is later quoted as saying “We had no idea whatever that this would one day be applied to make hydrogen bombs. Our curiosity was just curiosity about the structure of the nucleus of the atom”. Creation for good can also lead to evil.

When God created the world, we are told that it was good. However, God gave his creation wings. He gave man freewill to chose and soon the creation which had been good turned bad. People chose to do things they way they wanted rather than the way God had told them was the way he had planned things. People decided to rely on their own wisdom rather than the higher wisdom of the creator. God’s creation of this world and the people within it included the original cause and effect. To stray from the ways that things were meant to be had consequences. Just as using an insecticide in the wrong way had consequences for the lives of millions of Jews. Easter is God’s answer. Easter is God’s rescue plan. Fritz Haber, Thomas Midgley and Sir Marcus Oliphant created for good but once they had given their inventions wings there was no going back. They couldn’t see that people were using their invention for evil and suddenly get it all back, un-invent it, stop people using it. However, God had a plan. A plan that He had conceived from the very beginning. Not a plan “B” but a continuation of plan “A”. Easter was this plan.

The world had been created “Good”. The pinnacle of God’s creation – Man – had turned their collective back on God, had done wrong and had created consequences. Easter was set to sort those consequences out. God’s plan “A” was to sacrifice his own son for what He had created. Had Haber, Midgley and Oliphant been able to right what they had started I guess they may well have given up much to stop the evil that their creations had led to. But would they have paid the price of their own sons? We shall never know. What God had create good, we have turned to evil. Easter is God cancelling out the consequences. Easter is God telling us there is another way. Easter is God telling us this His way for us is so important that He’d send His son to suffer and die to pay for our wrongdoing. Easter is God saying to us that we’ve done wrong but that’s OK. The consequences have been wiped out. The slate has been wiped clean. The guilt you feel should be felt no more. Easter is God saying He’s still here, still involved, still working His purposes out and still very much in control. Haber, Midgley and Oliphant created and then lost control of their creation. Easter tells us that God created, continues to create and has never lost control.

So Easter in the modern world may be more about Eggs than crosses and bunnies than forgiveness but, as with most things in life, we need to dig a little deeper. I’m certainly not going to tell you to boycott Easter Eggs but I am asking you to think whether Easter Eggs are more important than God giving us a second chance? Are bunnies more important than someone dying to save you? Something to think about as you enjoy your chocolate?