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Islam in a nutshell

Although Islam is an interesting mix of various religions it has its origins in the teachings of Muhammad.

Muhammad was born in Mecca in around 570 A. D.

Not much is known about Muhammad’s early life.

At the age of 40 Muhammad had his first vision.

Initially Muhammad’s view met with opposition in Mecca so Muhammad and his followers withdrew to what we now know as Medina. It is this event that marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

Muhammad is seen as the one prophet of God.

Islam teaches that there is a heaven and a hell.

Islam teaches that there are several holy books, the books of the law from Moses, the book of the Psalms from David, the Gospel from Jesus and the Qur’an from Muhammad.

Muhammad did not write the Qur’an – it was written by God and passed down to Muhammad.

The Five Pillars of Islam

Faith – The believe that there is only one God and his prophet is Muhammad

Prayer – Praying five time a day

The Fast – The month of Ramadan is a month of fasting during the hours of daylight.

Alms – there are strict laws about how much must be given to the poor.

Pilgrimage – Every Muslim must make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

Islam and Jesus

Although Islam takes many of its teaching from Christian books many of the fundamentals are completely different.

Islam does not believe in the divinity of Jesus.

Islam does not teach that Jesus was crucified and resurrected.

Islam teaches that Jesus is not the son of God.

Islam teaches that Jesus was a sinless prophet, but was not as great as Muhammad.

Why I’m not a Muslim

The God of Islam is a very impersonal God.

There seems to be an emphasis on judgement to the exclusion of love, motivating its followers by fear rather than by grace as in Christianity.

Islam claims that the Bible has been corrupted – there is no evidence (historical or otherwise) that this is true.

Muhammad initially believed that his visions were demonic in origin.

Reward is based on man’s effort and not on the love, grace and mercy of God.

I could not accept the Islamic attitude, found in the Qur’an, towards unbelievers.