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What About Other Religions – Sikhism?

Posted: October 12, 2011 by Nathan in What About...
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Sikhism in a nutshell


In many ways Sikhism is an attempt to combine Hinduism and Islam.


Sikhism was founded by a man called Nanak in about 1469.


Nanak’s successor introduced the idea that Nanak was equal with God.


Sikh scriptures contain a mix of Islamic and Hindu theology.


Most Sikhs do not know the contents of their holy book (Granth Sahib)


Sikhs believe in one God


Salvation seems to be found, for the Sikh, by becoming absorbed into God.





Sikhism and Jesus


Sikhism does not recognise Jesus.




Why I’m not a Sikh


There seems to be a lot of confusion in Sikhism. Is there one God or many? Did all the gods die?


Much of the fundamental teachings have been changed by different gurus over time.


Sikhism teaches that all religion leads to god.


There seems to be unexplained contradictions within the teachings.


Sikhs believe in an impersonal God.