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Daoism/Taoism in a nutshell


Taoism was founded by Lao-tzu. Almost nothing is known about him and many scholars believe he never existed.

There is some dispute as to whether Taoism is a religion or a philosophy.

Taoism is generally accepted to mean Way, Truth or Path.

The God of Taoism is an impersonal one.

It is the goal of a follower of Taoism to become one with the Tao – this is done through Wu Wei (meaning inaction)

The main book for Taoists is the Tao Te King.

Taoist believe that the Tao is the thing by which everything in the cosmos functions.

A harmonious life is achieved by becoming one with the Tao, going with the flow and leading an inactive life.


Why I’m not a Taoist


It has an underlying ethic of indifference and irresponsibility

Most scholars believe that it’s founder never existed and it’s origins are very vague.

It recognises no evil in the world.

The ultimate goal of a Taoist is not a higher place but just a protracted existence in this life. However, where is the evidence to suggest that any Taoist live longer?

It is a completely impersonal religion or philosophy and is ultimately unfulfilling.