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What About Other Religions – Buddhism?

Posted: September 14, 2011 by Nathan in What About...
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Buddhism in a nutshell


Buddhism came into existence as a breakaway cult from Hinduism in around 500 B.C.


Scholars estimate that their could be up to 1.691 billion followers of Buddhism worldwide.


Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama.


Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha or the enlightened one was born in North-East India in around 560 B.C.


After spending seven days meditating under a tree Siddhartha Gautama changed his name to Buddha and started preaching as “the enlightened one”. Many people who had become disillusioned by Hinduism found his teaching appealing.


Buddha taught Four noble truths and the Eightfold Path –


Existence of suffering

Cause of suffering

Ending of suffering

Ending of all pain via the eightfold path which is…



Right Views

Right Resolve

Right Speech

Right Behaviour

Right Occupation

Right Effort

Right Contemplation

Right Meditation


Buddhist follow 5 precepts


Kill no living thing

Do not steal

Do not commit adultery

Do not lie

Do not drink alcohol or take drugs


Buddhism denies the existence of a personal God.




Zen Buddhism


Zen Buddhism is the most widely known form of Buddhism in the West although it’s origins are unknown.


Zen Buddhism originated over a thousand years after the death of Buddha. Zen Buddhism has no sacred literature but looks inward to man.


It has an emphasis on meditation as a path to enlightenment.



Buddhism and Jesus


One Buddhist nun, Ajahn Candasiri, a senior nun at the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Hertfordshire say this of Jesus… Although there is much said about him being the son of God, somehow that doesn’t seem nearly as significant to me as the fact that he is a person – a man of great presence, enormous energy and compassion, and significant psychic abilities.


Why I’m not a Buddhist


Buddhism is all about you. There is no personal God it is about how much you can put in in order to achieve things.


In Buddhism man is of no worth.


At it’s root Buddhism, a sort of reformation of Hinduism, is based on a man seeing a happy beggar and concluding that all life’s pleasures were worthless. To me this is not the greatest basis on which to start a religion!!


Buddhism is a religion of works and not of grace and mercy.

Buddha did not claim to be God or even a god and he did not claim that his teachings were divinely inspired. So what he have are the teachings (good or bad) of a man.

As in Hinduism there are major questions that I would need to have answered.

If everyone is reincarnated where did the first people come from?

If everyone is reincarnated why is the world population growing and not shrinking?