What if God isn’t who you think He is?

Posted: April 13, 2011 by Nathan in What If...
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No-one can have perfect idea of who God is? Much as we would like to we can’t put God in a box and know everything about him. However, when we dig a little we can know quite a lot about His personality and His nature.

History, myth, art and the church have painted us many pictures of God but how accurate are those pictures? We have the picture of God in human form, flowing white hair, white beard and full-length white robes. He’s sitting on a cloud with angels all around him playing harps.

Then there’s the picture of God sitting as judge sending people to hell whilst letting a chosen few into heaven.

There’s God as the law maker and fun stopper. Making rules to keep us in check and to tell us how bad we are. Don’t do this or that or the other.

There is God who is disinterested. He may have created the world. But now He has given up. How could he still be involved when so many people suffer, wars abound, crime is rife, disease kills millions and natural disasters continue to bring death and misery.

Then there’s God as a Father. For many people this is an image that works well. However, what if your Dad wasn’t that great. What if he beat you, abused you, left you, let you down? The word “father” doesn’t conjure up the best of images for everyone. Though this image can be redeemed a little. I heard someone speak years ago and they said that you should think of the best things about your dad, God is a thousand times better than that. Now think of the worst attributes of your dad – God is the complete opposite of those!

So what is God really like – how would I describe him? If I were to paint a word picture of God based on the Bible, my experience of Him and the experience of other believers what would it look like?

Holy, love, all powerful, all knowing, merciful, giving, kind, protecting, truthful, creative, grace filled, caring, abounding in blessing, strong, righteous, generous, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, trustworthy, dependable, ever present, unchanging, ever listening, mighty, approachable, saving, providing, unselfish, humble, peaceable, just, fair, capable, sociable, fun-loving, humorous, passionate, interesting, indefinable, complex, faithful, intelligent, incorruptible, reliable, peace-loving, trusting, healing, informed, qualified, close, accepting, open, wise.

Now isn’t that the kind of person you’d like to get to know?


  1. Tracy Nunes says:

    Just beautiful. He is worthy of our praise and we can only begin to describe His Wonder! Happy Easter friend!

  2. darren says:

    Amen, Amen! What a list, I would add, vulnerable and mysterious. Shalom.

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